Entel(エンテル)HT649 GMDSS VHFポータブルラジオ(日本国内ではご使用になれません)


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Product Description

The HT649 GMDSS is MED certified and carries the essential Wheel Mark logo. For those requiring a, no compromise, fully featured GMDSS portable with high visibility back-lit LCD, the HT649 GMDSS will exceed the expectations of even the most experienced radio user.

The first time you handle Entel’s HT649 GMDSS Series 2.0 portable you will be impressed by its superior build quality. From the rugged ergonomic design that fits comfortably in your hand, to the exceptionally loud audio, the HT649 GMDSS Series 2 portable easily outclasses the competition.

The HT649 GMDSS Series 2 portable is built to MIL-STD 810C/D/E/F for tough enduring performance, is fully Submersible to IP68 (2 meters depth for 4 hours) and is available in two packages:

Package of radio with Primary one-shot emergency battery, secondary Li-Ion rechargeable battery & charger

This product includes:
- 1 x HT649 Radio
- 1 x Drop-in Charger
- 1 x CNB750E Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery
- 1 x CLB750G Primary Lithium Battery Pack
- 1 x CBH750 Spring Loaded Belt Clip
- 1 x High Efficiency Antenna
- 1 x User Manual

This radio can be used with the following accessories:
- Entel CAT40 VHF Antenna
- Entel CLB750G Battery Pack
- Entel CNB750E Lithium-Ion Battery Pack
- Entel CSAHT Intelligent Rapid Charger
Entel CLC753 Heavy Duty Leather Case
Entel CMP750 Heavy Duty Speaker Microphone

General Specifications

Frequency Range (MHz) 156-163.275
Channels 19 INT, USA & CAN Marine Channels
Channel Spacing 25 kHz
Communication Method Simplex / Semi duplex
Antenna Impedance 50 ohm
Antenna Whip / Stubby
Battery Type Primary - Lithium
Secondary - 2000 mAh Li-Ion
Power Supply Voltage 7.4V DC
Current Drain (nominal) 40mA
Primary Duty Cycle (10/10/80)
Secondary Duty Cycle (5/5/90)
Primary: <8 hours
Secondary: 14.5 hours
Microphone Internal condenser microphone
Operating Temperature -20 to +55 Degrees Celsius
Construction MIL-STD 810C/D/E/F
IP Rating IP68 (2m depth for 4 hours)

Size Specifications

Length (mm) 59.5mm (W) x 130mm (H) x 37mm (D)
Weight (g) 277g with battery and aerial

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Warranty Terms
Warranty period:
1 year from date of purchase (Radio)
4 years from date of purchase (Battery)
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4 years from date of purchase (Battery)
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