Photo of Jotron Hydrostatic Release HRU with Bolt FB-60/FB-40/FBH-40 for Tron 60S EPIRB 86218

Jotron Tron 60S EPIRB(イーパブ)86218用 FB-60/FB-40/FBH-40ボルト付き 油圧リリース(HRU)


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Product Description

Jotron Hydrostatic Release with Bolt FB-60/FB-40/FBH-40. Can be used with Jotron TRON 60S / 60GPS EPIRB 83330 / 83340 / 83310 / 83320.

Full HRU kit including bolt, spacer and hydrostatic release unit.

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JOT-86218 60S HRU

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