Jotron フロートフリーブラケット 83310付き Tron 60S EPIRB(イーパブ)(日本国内ではご使用になれません)


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Product Description

Jotron Automatic Identification System (AIS) Class A Terminal.

Key features:

  • MED, CCS, FCC approved
  • Separate display and transponder unit
  • 7” touch screen display
  • Compact design for easy installation
  • Display rated to IP54 + Extended temperature (IEC 60945)
  • Transponder rated to IP56 + Exposed (IEC 60945)
  • Easy ECDIS interface
  • Collision alarms (tCPA, CPA)
  • Options: With GPS Antenna / VHF Antenna / Pilot cable

AIS systems offer automatic swap of navigational information on ship’s movements to predict dangerous situations, automatic swap of static information to facilitate ship-to-ship communication and interface to ship’s navigational equipment to increase information value.

This product includes:
- 1 x TR-8000 AIS Class A Display Module
- 1 x TR-8000 AIS Class A Transponder Unit
- 1 x SANAV SA-200 GPS Antenna

VHF Antennas are available for purchase together with this AIS terminal.

General Specifications

Product Name Tron AIS TR-8000 Class A
Supply Voltage
10.8-31.2 VDC
Power Consumption Display unit: Normal < 12 W, intensity (max) < 20 W
Transponder unit: Receive < 15 W, transmit: (max): < 50 W
GPS Module
72 channels
IEC 61162-1 (RS422-adjustable baudrate: 5 inputs)
IEC 61162-2 (RS422-38400 b/s: 2 I/0)
RS232-adjustable baudrate: 1 I/0
LAN (10Base-T Ethernet: 1 I/0)
Data Presentation Tron AIS TR-8000 Display unit
Optional ECDIS, ECS, ARPA or PC
IMO MSC.74 (69) annex 3; MSC.191(79)
ITU-R M.1371-4, IEC 61993-2. Ed-2. IEC 60945
IEC 61162-1/2, IEC 62288 Ed.1

Size Specifications

Product Dimensions (mm) Display unit: W: 210 mm, D: 83 mm, H. 150.4 mm
Transponder unit: W: 319 mm, D: 204 mm, H: 77 mm
Weight (g) Display unit: 1 kg
Transponder unit: 3.7 kg

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