Photo of McMurdo R5 GMDSS VHF Handheld 2-Way Radio with Lithium Emergency Battery and Rechargeable Battery Pack 20-001-01A

McMurdo リチウム非常用バッテリー および 充電式バッテリーパック 20-001-01A付き R5 GMDSS VHF Handheld 2ウェイラジオ(日本国内ではご使用になれません)


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Product Description

GMDSS regulations have stipulated that handheld VHF radios are not only rugged and waterproof but that they are also simple to use and easy to operate, which has dramatically improved the design and build quality of handheld VHFs. Even if you are not required by law to carry a handheld VHF you can take confidence that McMurdo handheld VHFs meet the stringent standards required for commercial shipping.

The R5 is the ideal solution to meet the stringent GMDSS safety standards for compliant vessels. More than just an emergency radio, the R5 is packed with features, can be easily used even when wearing gloves and its rugged waterproof design means it’s more than a match for what the sea can throw at it.

The radio is supplied with the regulation Lithium emergency battery pack which offers up to five years storage life, plus a rechargeable 1800mAh Li-Ion battery pack for everyday use.

This product (pack A) comes with:
- McMurdo R5 VHF Body: Regulation Lithium Emergency Battery Pack, Belt Clip, Lanyard, Test Report, User Manual, Antenna Whip, Storage Base
- Single Charger Kit: Li-ion Rechargeable Battery, Single Charger Base, AC/DC Converter / Adaptor, DC Connector Cables, AC / DC Converter Instruction Sheet

Key features of the McMurdo R5 GMDSS VHF Radio:
- Waterproof to IP67 (submersible to 0.5m for 30 minutes)
- MED (Wheelmark) FCC approved
- Fully GMDSS compliant
- Rugged, drop tested construction with ribbed grip
- Large backlit display with battery indicator
- Rotary volume control
- Quick channel select button
- Keypad lock
- Dual and Tri Watch function
- Battery storage and charger base options

General Specifications

Product Name R5 GMDSS VHF Handheld Radio
Approvals MED, FCC, CCS, IC
Frequency Range 23 GMDSS channels, 149.3-174MHz
Channel Separation 25kHz
Channel Dual watch, Tri-watch
Temperature Range -20 degree celsius to +55 degree celsius operational
-30 degree celsius to +70 degree celsius storage
Transmitter Power (Hi/Lo) 2/1W
Waterproof IP67
Submersible to 1/2 metre for 1/2 hour
Standard Battery 180mAh rechargeable Li-Ion
GMDSS Battery 6 year lithium

Size Specifications

Weight (g) 340g (with GMDSS battery)

Further information
Manufacturer Product Features and Details
Product Sheet
User Manual

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Warranty Terms
Warranty period: 1 year from date of purchase
Expiry date: at least 5 years from date of purchase
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