Photo of Savox HC-1 Helmet-COM Bone Conduction Headset for Motorola Radio

Savox Motorola(モトローラ)ラジオ用 HC-1 Helmet-COM骨伝導ヘッドセット


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Product Description

The Savox original HC-1 is a compact helmet communication system (helmet-com) for professionals working in hazardous conditions. It easily mounts into most helmet types and provides clear and hands-free communication. The Savox HC-1 is field-prove for over 20 years by fire fighters and emergency services personnel. Ex version available.

It is direct protected (IP56), with a bone conductive microphone located inside the helmet, which stays clean and intact compared to a boom microphone. 

General Specifications

Product Name Savox HC-1 Helmet-COM Bone Conduction Headset
Microphone Vibration-sensitive, impedance approx. 3500 Ohm @ 1khz
Operating Temperature -25 - +85 degrees celsius
Speaker Impedance 32 Ohm

Size Specifications

Product Dimensions (mm) 40 x 160mm
Weight (g) 85g

Further information
Manufacturer Product Features and Details

Product Code
SAV-L53000 SAV

Warranty Terms
Warranty period: 1 year from date of purchase
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